Back from Monkeyspace conference

I’ve arrived back in Germany yesterday evening, after a very great Monkeyspace Conference (and 3 more days of sightseeing in New York City). The conference was great, I’ve met some very cool people and caught lots of interesting talks. Thanks to all the Sponsors that made this great event possible:

At the Hackfest, David had set me up with a recent Mountain Lion setup which allowed me to eventually fix the bug that prevented  Banshee to run on ML. I’ve already twittered an experimental build which was done on David’s test machine on ML. It should be considered experimental as I usually did the builds and testing on Lion, and I cannot assure there build issues with the dependencies on ML. I would have already done a new build, but regretably British Airways or AirBerlin lost my luggage upon arrival. I’fe made a lost-luggage clain and am actively waiting for their response. In the meantime I can’t recharge my Macbook, as the power adapter was in my lost bag 😦




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