GSoC final report

Its been great three months, but everything has to come to an end someday. I took the time last week to rebase my patches against latest banshee git master, and submitted all my changes (that were not yet merged like some other patches I submitted during GSoC) to the bugzilla. Thanks to Betrand’s hard work with reviewing them during the hottest weekend this year in central europe, they are (with two exceptions) now fully merged and will be part of the upcoming Banshee 2.5 development release and (if no major issues arise) the next 2.6 stable release.

As a result I just updated the bockbuild tree at github with an up-2-date package.


I am very satisfied with my work during the period. If accomplished the two major tasks that I laid out in my original proposal: Adapting the bockbuild buildsystem to build banshee and a selected subset of the community extensions (BCE), as well as introducing hardware support on OS X. I am very proud with the hardware support, as this part was a major coding task and involved lot of reading low level documentation, reading C based libraries and OS X kernel framework headers. From a users point of view, it is also a good feature. iTunes, which is the usually the most used player on OS X, just has no support for syncing to Android devices or other mp3 players, locking the user very much to iPhone/iPods. With the now available implementation, users can shift to Banshee  on OS X if they don’t own an iDevice but want a sync capability.

Additionally, lots of bugs that were very obvious and annoying are now gone on OS X, making the overall use far more pleasant than before my GSoC time. I implemented native “File open” dialogs for importing media, which now allows the user to select from external drives, spotlight searches, network shares etc.

Although the GSoC period is over, I will continue to work on the OS X port (and Banshee in general). After the 2.5 feature freeze I will try to work out an annoying gtk-quartz which withholds me from calling banshee “stable” on OS X. It is hard to track down and not related to banshee but to the gtk-quartz implementation, and crashes banshee when doing drag-n-drop.

Thanks to Google for sponsoring the awesome Summer of Code program, and especially thanks to the GNOME foundation for providing a very well-organized mentorship. Also, it’s been great to work with my Mentor and the Banshee community in General, they are all very open minded and friendly people!

Obligatory Appbundle

Since it is the last report in the GSoC row and lots of bugs have been fixed, I rolled a new app-Bundle for downloading. As I am afraid of calling it stable (see above)  and is based on the banshee git master (instead of the 2.4 branch), I am just calling it “gsoc-final-bundle” instead of doing any version numbers or alpha/beta keys. The feature freeze date for 2.5 is next wednesday, and only after then I will provide “OS X 2.5” bundles 🙂

Download Banshee-gsoc-final.dmg here.

UPDATE: Now that 2.5.0 is out, here is an updated appbundle for Download (Lion required!). All my patches made it to 2.5.0, so there are no more external patches applied in this build!

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